Moldy Ass Coffee.

Hey Rhonda here,

How’s it going? Good?


Ya wanna know how I am doing? NO? Cause you didn’t ask. Well, LET ME TELL YOU… how I’m doing then.

I walked into work today and there was no coffee. None. Just a bucket full of mucky brown water filled to the brim with green tiny algae lakes of mold. It looked like the fucking Florida swamps in there. Goddamn assholes.

So, I dumped that shit down the drain and called it a day. No, No I’m not going to wash that shit. Someone else can do that, because SOMEONE else decided they were going to ruin my morning by not cleaning up after themselves and leaving the coffee, in the pot OVER the weekend. Real smart fellas, real fucking smart!

No coffee? Cool.

Let me open the pantry and see what kind of tea I can find… (opens pantry)

TAZO, “Calming Chamomile.”

AWESOME, what’s next?

Celestial, “Tension Tamer.”

At this point, I’m slamming the motherfucking pantry door, thinking to myself that God is just some big kid with a magnifying glass laughing his ass off, while we run around like chickens with our heads cut off, because that’s what life feels like sometimes. Like I’m a chicken with my fucking head cut off.

PS: Rhonda don’t play. If you can’t stand my “fowl” language or cursing, then get lost asshole. I don’t have patience for you or anyone else’s shit.

IN FACT, that’s the whole reason I’m here. Because I don’t have time for shit anymore, any kind of shit. LIKE NO SHIT in fact. Don’t need your drama, your stupid perky looks, your annoying ass voice, your lies, your filthy fucking room, your shitty underwear that you secretly wash in the bathtub at night because you think no one notices the shower running at 2 AM, followed by the loud THUD of the washing machine outside my room. YEA, no time for your shit. Your LITERAL shit. IN fact, I’m so sick of everyone’s shit that I’m here, RANTING, because that’s what RHONDA DOES.. I rant. If you can’t take it, then too bad. Find another comment thread to unleash your bull-SHIT on cause “Rhonda Don’t Play.”

Also, anger management is kind of expensive… So there’s that… until next time bitches.

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